Sun-Kissed Bliss: A Photographic trip in Marsa Matruh with Abdel Rahman Berqic

Embarking on a photographic adventure is always an exciting prospect, and my recent trip to Marsa Matruh, Egypt, was nothing short of magical. Teaming up with the charismatic model Abdel Rahman Berqic added a layer of charm to the entire experience. In this blog post, I’ll share the highlights of our sun-soaked escapade to one of Egypt’s most enchanting coastal gems.

Marsa Matruh is renowned for its pristine beaches, and rightly so. One of the many perks of visiting Marsa Matruh is its consistently warm weather. The golden sun bathed the landscapes in a soft, flattering light, creating the perfect conditions for photography.

Working with Abdel Rahman Berqic was an absolute pleasure. His professionalism, combined with a laid-back demeanor, made the shoot not only productive but also incredibly enjoyable.

I would love to hear your comments and thoughts about this shoot. Please, keep the conversation going. It is important to me as it will help me improve and grow. Till the next time!

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